Wednesday, April 08, 2015

I dreamed we were heading up to Mass for a giant family reunion (my wife's side) at one of these seafood-kinda joints on the water. My son was wandering into the road, and I plunged in to grab him at the last second.

Regarding Jim Teacher himself: at some point back in the day, I realized I could create this persona, this anarchic being,  this Lord of Misrule. He could drink all the beer, and say all the things my real-life persona couldn't say, and do all the things my real-life persona couldn't do, and dance all night every night to music only he could hear. But these anarchic spirits are tough to live with, dude, over the long haul, and it's even tougher to "split off" one aspect of yourself and let it simmer as its own separate being.

Ah, well.

Monday, March 02, 2015

I dreamed I bought a Nissan motorcycle. I didn't even know Nissan made motorcycles. It was red and steel gray and awesome. I drove it to a funeral I was supposed to attend, which was at this cave-like mausoleum kind of place that glowed a luminous green. They were like catacombs, really, with saints' bones throughout, talismans. I drove the motorcycle around the crypt really fast.


I dreamed I left my son in the car briefly. It was night, and I was running across the street to a fire station to have a chat with the chief. The lights of the station lit everything up. I could see my son in the car across the way, and he was agitated. Then some lady came running up and pounding on the windshield, trying to get him out, like he was in danger. I dashed over to the car.


I dreamed I adopted a young Asian kid. I was trying to walk with him and my young son through this hilly section of town. They were not cooperating.


I dreamed that a bunch of hyenas had gotten loose in our town. Folks on the town's Internet forum were all talking about it. The hyenas were running amok! Chaos! They wore weird green and purple masks in an effort to make us think they were deer. They weren't doin anything particularly bad, but still, they were hyenas. I tried to get some people to come up with some makeshift nets to catch the hyenas, then we ran after them. Hopeless.

Friday, February 20, 2015

I dreamed I saw you again; you were working at some dive bar. I never knew you very well at all, but you seemed to be doing fine. I used to frequent the dive bar, and you must've gotten laid off from your real bar and then started working there. You took our orders and smiled, and rolled up your sleeves. Anyways, the place was a shithole, even more than how it is in real life. There were rats the size of dogs scurrying about. They would lift up entire tables and make off with them.


I dreamed I became the governor of New Jersey through some freak election trick. I had been running against one of the guys from "Buena Vista Social Club," and won handily. I had all these ideas, but no idea how to implement them. I stood in an elevator, humming to myself. Nobody who I was friendly with before the election wanted to talk to me anymore; I was hated.

Oh well. I walked out of the elevator and to my first press conference.


I dreamed my pal Dennis coerced me into trying to save some hostages who were being held somewhere the Middle East. We were gonna do some comedy and sneak behind enemy lines. We were gonna use our acting skills--for good! I was very afraid. We weren't that good of actors. We parachuted into enemy territory, practicing our lines. We were terrible. I was so afraid, I actually woke up.